Family Lawyers

Every family is always on the lookout for the best lawyer who will represent their interest and perhaps make them avoid getting into the wrong side of the law. Whether in Australia or anywhere across the globe, family lawyers need to be selected carefully.

Are they trustworthy? Can they keep the family issues confidential without spreading them to the public? These are some of the things that every family ought to check out before hiring a family lawyer. Of course, it is a rigorous process that may take longer, but it is worth it, after all.

Some lawyers are driven by money and greed, which should make anyone who is looking for a family lawyer to be very cautious. Some family issues could be very critical like divorce and inheritance hence the need of a family lawyer to avoid any casualties during the process.

You may have noticed that in Australia, the US, and generally globally, divorce cases are piling up daily, and that means the need for a proper family lawyer is increasingly becoming popular. But how prepared are you to get the right family lawyer? That’s why we are here to lead you along this journey.

In this article, we are going to take you through some of the traits of a good family lawyer that you should always look out for in any lawyer. As we mentioned previously, getting the right family lawyer is not a walk in the park, and you may need to test most of them before landing to your Mrs. or Mr. Right Lawyer. However, let’s face their traits.

Qualities of a Good Australian Family Lawyer

Many years of experience

When it comes to family matters, we no longer need newbies who have never handled such issues before. One of the emotional traumatising processes and cases that a family lawyer is expected to handle is divorce. How experienced are they to handle such a case and give you a win and a share in the court of law? That’s why we need the experience to speak. A good family lawyer must have interacted and practised such cases before. In other words, they should be specialists in family issues and cases.

Great reputation

Where do reputation and good image come from? Of course, it comes from the good work they have done for previous customers and clients. So any reputable family lawyer in Australia is a sign that they are experienced in their field and therefore making a good match of what you are looking for. Although they could be a little bit expensive, it is worth it.


Generally, every family lawyer or any civil lawyer is expected by the government and their professional body to be registered. In other situations, they are required to be part of the body of lawyers in Australia. With this, you will know the lawyer is genuine and renowned by other Brisbane family lawyers.

Sensitive and compassionate

This is one of the great traits you need to check before hiring your family lawyer. Can they sympathise with you in certain emotional issues like divorce? Are they there for you to give you some encouragement? Check out for those qualities from their references.

Great listener

Are they understanding and willing to listen to your opinions and decisions? Can they listen to what you are feeling and perhaps help you in making the right decision? A good family lawyer should be a great listener.

They should also be passionate, respectful, honest, and trustworthy.

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