Tips to Find the Best IT Support Provider

If you have decided as a company to outsource IT services, all or some so that you can focus on what you can do best, a great deal of IT support exists out there. But to find the right provider is a little bit tricky. Every IT company out there boasts of offering comprehensive IT services, and it gets confusing! Trusting a critical function with a third party agent is a bit daunting. First, you are not sure if the company is reliable or if they offer services of value. What will become of your IT functions if something goes wrong? Interview the potential IT suppliers to get a grip of what you will get before moving forward. Here are some of the vital factors to consider before dealing with a third party.


This includes the location of the servers and their physical head office location. This is important because if it involves services like cloud hosting, VoIP and others, it will affect the quality of service. There might be implications on GDPR and other laws for companies in highly regulated niches such as financial and legal services.

Area of coverage

You must know their area of coverage because business expands and might go beyond territories, you must get assurance if they can still support you if your company moves or expands beyond boundaries. If they are limited in coverage, then consider those with the capability to support you IT wise beyond boundaries.

Levels of IT support

Many IT firms offer support based on different criteria to suit different company requirements and budgets. Some are comfortable with pay-as-you-go or ad-hoc, there are those companies who need break-fix support and those that require managed IT services.

Contracts and what it entails

Get into details of what the contract purports to support and get everything in writing. There are those companies who claim to support every IT aspect, but in the end, let you down and demand extra charges when you need help. If the support you are currently receiving isn’t adequate, you can ask if different levels of support exist and subscribe for it for seamless IT functions support. Be sceptical of that third-party IT support which claims to support you on everything but wary to put it in writing. Some might trick you into signing an unsuitable contract that will not benefit your company as per your expectations.

Guaranteed response time

Time is money, and the more your systems are down, the more the losses you will incur. Ask them to give you guaranteed response time so that you may ask for compensation when the systems cause serious losses to your company. There may exist different response times for different levels of support. Make sure response time is stipulated clearly in the contract and differentiate between response time and resolution time; it could mean two worlds apart.

Remote monitoring and management

If the third party company guarantees to offer remote monitoring and management, it is the first step in the right direction. If 24/7 monitoring is offered, the company is taking a proactive approach in serving your IT needs. This approach will enable the third-party IT service provider to align your IT goals with the services they are providing.

Online and onsite support

If all the above services are guaranteed, you might be in the right place. Net Effects are Gold Coast IT specialists. Choose them so you don’t have anything to worry about.

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